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Mystyle Union Jack

Chanel is one of our younger girls we kept back from one of our litter's we co-own  along with her litter brother Cowboy. We hope to be taking Chanel to show soon in 2020. Two of Chanel's litter mates have already started showing and doing very well in the ring!

Mike & Michelle Peres

Dino & Christie Garza

Pedigree Peres & D1's Chanel No. 5

MBISS GCHS D1's Modern Day Warrior

Peres & D1's Ella In The Sky

MBISS GCHS Kokopelli's D1 Electric Slide

D1's Tailor Maid

Peres Livin' On The Edge

Peres All The Glitz N' Glam

CH D1's Iron Horse

D1's Santa Maria

CH Bryson's Stewie

CH Kaylou's Hey Girl Dani

CH Banta's Royal Creed At Peres

CH Peres Strawberry Fields

The Devil Looks Like Rocco "Peres"

Fortune  City Summer Light



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