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Welcome to Peres Bulldogs on Broadway


We are Mike and Michelle Peres, who along with our daughter raise English Bulldogs

at our home in SE Kansas. We take great pride in our Bulldogs, with a high emphasis on health, temperament and conformation. English Bulldogs are a very affectionate lovable breed that enjoy being with people of all ages. They have very unique personalities that you cannot help but fall in love with!

We have been selective when searching for our own Bulldogs from reputable breeders

who also focus on the betterment of the breed; both our males and our females have some of the

 top bloodlines from around the world. Our English Bulldogs are our passion, their health and well being is

our utmost priority, with our goal to breed exceptional quality loving healthy Bulldogs to the Bulldog Standard. Our planned breeding is well thought out in advance with the goal of producing our next show hopeful; we do occasionally have both show prospect and pet puppies available to approved homes. We keep back some of our show hopeful puppies for us to watch as they mature before making our final decision on our next show prospect; therefore on occasion we have some of our older show hopeful puppies available to loving homes. There are many benefits to welcoming an older English Bulldog puppy to your family. Depending on their age most older puppies have already gone through their puppy teething phase; they are fully vaccinated and doing very well on housebreaking or they are already housebroken. We care very much about our English Bulldogs and like to stay in contact with the families of our puppies.

We would like to Thank all of our friends and mentors in the Bulldog world for all of their help, advice, continued support

and treasure the wonderful friendships made. We have spent many hours over the years researching the Bulldog breed, helping with and learning how to raise these wonderful dogs. English Bulldogs have been a part of our family for several years; even before we had our first beautiful litter. It is not easy raising Bulldogs and the task should not be taken lightly; it takes a lot of dedication, devotion and respect for the breed to raise a healthy litter of English Bulldog puppies.

English Bulldogs are considered by some a high maintenance breed, they do require routine care; they are an affectionate breed that thrives for your love, companionship and your commitment for their proper care and well being for their lifetime. If considering adding a Bulldog puppy to your family, please take the time to research the Bulldog breed and breeders. There are many wonderful reputable Bulldog breeders out there who love this amazing breed and care very much where their puppies will go and the home they will have; these breeders are there for you, sharing their knowledge for the lifetime of your puppy. English Bulldogs are a difficult and expensive breed to raise, puppies are usually born via elective c-section and they require around the clock care for the first several weeks of their life. Reputable Bulldog breeders are dedicated to the Bulldog breed, always expanding their knowledge to breed for the betterment of the breed.

We enjoy going to show with our Bulldogs, proud to be members of the BCA,
BCA Hall of Fame Breeder and AKC Breeder of Merit!

Our website is dedicated to our English Bulldogs; we hope you enjoy your visit!

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Mike & Michelle Peres